Floor Mountedvehicle Correction Platform

Floor Mountedvehicle Correction Platform
產品型號 : KOMI-9517
產品名稱 :
Floor Mountedvehicle Correction Platform



    8 Major Advantages

    • 1) save room
      his operation table system is combined by the "floor mounted stands" T and "grounded stabilized body". When not in operation, the height from ground is 41mm and cars can be parked directly on its top without taking extra space to increase operating room
    • 2) Features operation table function
      To do major plating jobs, this system features operation table function by just driving the car on the table and lift the car to be clamed by the "body repair platform", now the car is stable and repairing works can start.
    • 3) Features of mounted stands
      For general plating jobs, just stable the car to the "mounted stands" with chains and is ready for small plating jobs.
    • 4) 360 degrees
      Movable "pulling pole" design allows you to move freely without dead angles.
    • 5) Save working hours
      Only need one person to finish any plating jobs speedily and precisely, save manpower and cost.
    • 6) Save energy and reliable
      Hydraulic system of the movable "pulling pole" employs USA imported OTC 10 tons cylinder and pump to save human energy.
    • 7) Readiness
      No need to lay new cement, just drill holes in the cement ground and plant the "floor mounted stands" and "grounded stabilized body" and is ready to use.
    • 8) Economical
      Features operation table and correction platform in one body.
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