Crossion Car-lift

Crossion Car-lift
產品型號 : Crossion-Car-lift
產品名稱 :
Crossion Car-lift



    General features:

    1. Emergency stop check on both sides of the unit.
    2. The built-in oil line and pneumatic pressure pipe make the whole unit neat and aesthetic.
    3. The oil inlet comes with a drop check and forks check to keep it from going down.
    4. The control box comes with Up, Down, Emergency Brake and auto controls for both the oil line and the circuits .

    KOMI`s feature:


    1. The KOMl's safety positioning bsp;switch makes the oil seal in the hydraulic cylinder close automatically and the unit does not go down, as a safety feature.
    2. The KOMI unit comes with a dry bearing (auto-lubricated bearing)in all the articulation to keep out oil leakage and no grease is needed. This feature keeps the unit neat.
    3. The stretched KOMI hydraulic cylinder provides effort-saving vertical movement.
    4.The pressure compensation valve keeps vehicles of all weight go down at the same pace.
    5. The rigid KOMI-9168 is built of bsp;metal sheet of 25.4mm in thickness.