Automatic Spray Booth

Automatic Spray Booth
Product Model : KOMI-7100
Product Name :
Automatic Spray Booth


    Product Description

    KONLEN KOMI CORP manufactures automatic spray booth turnkey plant design and organization,mechanical parking facilities,etc.

      KOMI-7100 Double-wall deluxe model
    Outer size (L)7100mmx(H)3350mmx(W)4200mm(including fan 6000mm)
    Inner size (L)7000mmx(H)2550mmx(W)4100mm
    Main body structure Double-wall housing of galvanized steel with baked-on enamel, with heat-resistent insulation sandwiched in between, a foam which with- stands heat to 180 degrees Celsius; excellent heat insulation quality.

    KOMI Automatic Spray Booth Special features:

    • Recirculation design; twin-motors with quiet operation.
    • Universal space design to fit most sedans of every make, as well as small trucks.
    • Heat exchanger of double-wall stainless steel design; rapid heating and saves energy.
    • Fast exhaust with 0.3 cubic meter per second; so the painter may work without a mask.
    • When not in use, the air intake tubes shut off to avoid the return of air through the filters and into the booth.
    • Inner-gradient design to save space and allow easy moving of vehicles.
    • Can be custom-designed according to the customer`s region, current and voltage specifications , and the pertinent sizes, laws and regulations.

    Agents Wanted

    Designed for painting vehicles or large equipment, our drive-in, self-contained booth offers these fatures:
    • Automated drying function reduces time needed to finish painting job.
    • Smoother finish, as dust and bugs will not stick to surface during application.
    • Ventilation system protects workers fom harmful, drifting fumes.
    • Lessens chance of fire hazard.