Company Profile

KONLEN KOMI CORP. was established in 1985 with its own brand "KOMI" We are not only the most famous automobile maintenance and repair equipments manufacturer in Taiwan, also is the first to produce automobile paint-coating furnace.

Our products include automatic spray booth, dual post car-lift, crossing car-lift, floor mounted vehicle correction platform, super-thin flat top car-lift, etc. All our products are tested rigorously and repeatedly before reaching the customers. We export to Japan, China, South Korea Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, etc, and have received recognition and support The sales volume of automobile paint-coating furnace has cxceeded 3,000 sets, which makes "KOMI" the leading brand in Taiwan. and developing into a world-class brand.


We are committed to offer advantages such as practicability, low price, safety and all- around service and technical support. Long-term investment of manpower and finance in developing new products and production techniques further assure our guarantee to customers, as total satisfaction has made "KOMI" a success in the market.


Contact our customers' service and technical support departments for any inquiries.